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We are excited to offer a practice option for you during the 2020-2021 season!  While this season will be different than any other we are excited to see jumpers in the building again and learning new skills.  It is important to note that our program, along with Churchville Recreation Center, and Harford County Parks and Recreation have thought through and implemented policies and regulations to keep everyone safe while participating in our program and other programs the county offers.  Below is an outline of what to expect this year as well as a revised registration procedure-
  • Jumpers MUST wear masks upon entering Churchville Rec. Center Level Building and during class.  Basically, anytime they are in the building a mask must be worn regardless if they are actively exercising or not.  Coaching staff will also be following this same procedure.
  • Temperatures MUST be taken and recorded for anyone entering Churchville Rec. Center Level Building.  If possible a member from Hoppin‘ Hawks will assist with this but if not a Churchville Rec. Center Employee will assist with this procedure.
  • Jumpers MUST practice social distancing while in the gym and during practice.  Due to this our classes will focus on single rope skills, and double dutch turning skills until further notice.
  • Jumpers will be assigned a practice area and MUST stay in their area for the duration of practice.  It will be well marked for younger jumpers.
  • Jumpers MUST keep all their belongings in their practice area such as their rope and water bottle.  Jumpers MUST bring their own single rope to practice (new jumpers may purchase a rope with their registration and after that it should be brought to practice each week).
  • ONLY participants and coaches will be allowed in the gym.  Spectators will NOT be allowed into the gym during class.  You are welcome to wait on the benches in the lobby or in your vehicle or pick up your jumper promptly at the end of practice.
  • Coaches will meet the jumpers in the lobby at the start of class and walk jumpers out to the lobby at the end of class.
  • At this time, class size will be limited to 10 participants and Coach Megan and Coach Sarah will serve as the only instructors.
Registration Procedure-
  • To be eligible to participate in classes you MUST complete a one time registration  for the team via the online registration website, Active- Please use this link to sign up-
  • In Active you will be able to join the team and this fee includes the fees associated with our program as well as a Hoppin‘ Hawks Mask.  Purchasing a rope is optional.
  • Upon registering on Active you will receive a Google Form with additional information to complete such as the Health Form and COVID Waiver.  It is imperative that you communicate with the program should your jumper or anyone they are in contact with begin to experience symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • After the Google Form is completed you can begin to sign up for classes via the Sign Up Genius Link.  We are no longer offering  “sessions” such as Fall, Winter, or Spring but rather “drop in classes” so you can sign up to attend each week, every other week, once a month, or whatever is convenient for your family.  Should you need to cancel a class please do so as soon as possible in case others would like to join.
  • We will offer 3 class times (6:00-6:40pm, 6:50-7:30pm, and 7:40-8:20pm).  
  • You can choose ANY of the class times that work for your family regardless of if your jumper is on Talons or FIT.  You can also choose a different class time each time you participate if you would like.
  • If your jumper wishes to attend more than one class a night you can ask the coaches at check in for that night if spaces are available in additional classes.  If space is available the day of, you are welcome to add on an extra class but you may only “pre-register” for one class on each date.  
  • The fee for each 40 minute class is $8.
  • Please submit payment at the start of class to a coach.  Payment should be in an envelope or baggie and clearly labeled with your jumper(s)’s name and the date of the class.
We understand that this is not typically how our classes work but we are hopeful that jumpers will still learn many skills in single rope as well as become wonderful turners in double dutch.  If your family is not ready to participate in indoor classes we understand that as well but hope you will keep us in mind as an activity when you are ready.

Active Registration and Medical Form links:
1. Click and register here first, then proceed to step 2

2. Medical Information Form


If you have any further questions please contact us:
(410) 638-3853