Lifetime Members

A Lifetime Member is a jumper who has participated in the Flight Team and has graduated High School.  We have many Lifetime Members from throughout the years.  Below you will meet the Members that are currently active.  These jumpers continue to come to practices, jump at shows or help out the team when time permits.  We thank these jumpers for their continuing support and invaluable guidance they provide new Team Members!


Years jumping: 17 years

Favorite Skill: TJ

What keeps your coming back: I love jump rope and all the people and memories it brings!

Favorite part of being on the team: I love making memories and traveling for camps and competitions.

Favorite jump rope memory: Traveling to Connecticut in 2016 for an All Star Workshop with other members of the team.


Years Jumping:  11 years

Favorite skill: Backwards TJ

What keeps you coming back: Everyone on the team keeps me coming back.

Favorite jump rope memory: A little girl calling me handsome when showing our favorite skill at a school show.