We provide a variety of programs based on jumpers skills set. Jumpers will have the opportunity to advance each year as they complete the required skills. For a brief description of each program see below.


This team is our intro team for our program and they practice from 5:30-6:25pm on Thursday nights at Churchville Rec Center. On this team jumpers learn basic single rope skills such as skier, bell, side straddle, boxer, straddle series, front cross, heel toe, and front to back. The jumpers also learn partner skills (2 in 1), long rope, traveler, and basic double dutch.


This team consists of our advanced beginners (jumpers who have completed the required skills on the Talons chart) and they practice from 6:30-7:25pm on Thursday evenings at Churchville Rec Center. On Wings jumpers learn single rope skills such as can can, knee cross, fling, HTSK, matador front cross, split cross, double unders, 180, and 1/2 twist. On Wings all single rope skills must be performed single bounce (only one jump each time the rope goes around- no addition “rebound” jump). The jumpers also learn partner skills (twins and basic 2 wheel), long rope, traveler, and double dutch (turning and jumping).


Our third team is our intermediate team and these jumpers have usually been jumping with the club for several seasons and they practice from 7:30-8:50 on Thursday evenings at Churchville Rec Center. These jumpers have completed the required skills on the Wings chart. Soar jumpers learn more advanced single rope skills and begin to create their own single rope freestyles. Soar jumpers also work in groups to master double dutch skills (both turning and jumping skills) as well as 2 wheel skills (basic jump, turn, squats, double unders, and front cross).

FIT (Flight in Training)

This team consists of advanced jumpers who have successfully completed the required number of skills on the Soar chart. These jumpers practice from 7:30-8:50 on Thursday evenings at Churchville Rec Center. FIT jumpers work on preparing themselves for the Flight team and learn group routines frequently performed by the Flight team. These jumpers also work on creating single rope routines, pairs routines, wheel routines, and double dutch routines and performing the routines with little or no errors. FIT jumpers also learn how to turn more advanced long rope and traveler skills such as rainbow, eggbeater, cliff, single bounce traveler, and wheel traveler.


This is the highest team in the Hoppin’ Hawks program and jumpers on this team have been with the club for many years. The Flight team performs at various schools throughout the county encouraging students to participate in the ever growing sport of jump rope. Flight team members also serve as the instructors for the developmental teams (Talons, Wings, Soar, and FIT). Members of this team train several days a week in preparation for school and community shows. Flight team members are also given the opportunity to compete for AAU or USA Jump Rope in competitions across the nation.