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How many Switch Crosses can you do?

Switch Cross – How to video

2020 Parades:  Of course the parades were cancelled this year.  We decided to carry on the tradition the only way you can in 2020, virtually.  We hope to see you all on the parade routes next year!  


Tinsel Jumping 2020!

Since we are unable to Jump any shows this season, we hope you all enjoy our attempts of keeping active and having fun while showing the love of our sport.  Thank you Coach Megan, Maddie and her horse Dixie, Lorelei, Samirah, Hannah, Sarah, Ruth, Lydia, Miranda and Khloe for sending in your videos.

25 Days of Skills  

Since we are unable to practice Flight Members demonstrated 25 skills from various levels.  How many can you do? Each day of December a demonstration video is being posted on social media.  We encourage all Instructional Members and anyone who would like to join in to practice these skills.  We would love for you to send us your videos practicing.  If you would like we will post your video under the team members demonstration.

Click the links below to reference the skills:

Day 1: Samirah – Knee Cross

Day 2: Sarah – BTB Switch Cross

Day 3: Lindsay – Terminator

Day 4: Hannah – Terminator Series

Day 5: Reagan – EK

Day 6: Katrina – Front Cross

Day 7: Sarah – Matador Front Cross

Day 8: Emma – Triple Matador Front Crosses

Day 9: Isabelle – Can Can

Day 10: Tatum – Split Jumps

Day 11: Mariah – BLOC

Day 12: Maddie – Foot Catch X

Day 13: Samirah – Leg over

Day 14: Ad – Donkey Kick

Day 15: Reagan – Floater

Day 16: Hannah – Switch Cross

Day 17: Emily – BTB

Day 18: Maddie – ULOC

Day 19: Sarah – MIC

Day 20: Hannah – Butt Jumps

Day 21: Mariah – Awesome Annie

Day 22: Isabelle – Bat

Day 23: Reagan – TJ

Day 24: Lauren – Front to back

Day 25: Lifetime Members – Kadie, Megan and Kayla

Reverse Halloween Parade Saturday, October 31st  Elkton High School.

Group Photo

Flight Members: Cotton-Eyed Joe

Flight Members: Tai/Basket Weave

Competition Team and Flight: Do You Believe in Magic

Competition Team: Double Dutch

October 5, 2020: The Flight Team appeared on Good Morning Maryland.  WMAR - Baltimore, Maryland

Good Morning Maryland Video



The Original Harlem Globetrotters

Half-Time Show at Harlem Globetrotters-Spring 2020 




Performance at Baltimore Blast



Team takes 3rd place in Aberdeen Christmas Parade







The Original Harlem Globetrotters

Team opens for Harlem Globetrotters



Competition Team brings home awards at MD State AAU Annual Event







Flight Team Member attend International Jump Rope Spectacular at the NC Jump Rope Workshop hosted by the Bouncing Bulldogs







Instructor, performance and competition team member, Noah, took a chance at the Harford County Farm Fair. He grabbed his rope and put on amazing performance that brought him home the 3rd place prize in this years local county fair.

Congratulations Noah!